I’m Surrender Kumar.  I’m just a simple observer of things in this world that are hidden or that people and societies prefer to keep hidden.  I am not attempting to uncover any of these secrets for any nefarious purpose or agenda.  That’s why I’m the lone operator!  I don’t represent an organization or political ethos in my search.  I simply find the illicit world fascinating.  It’s like seeing how the sausage is made.  Much of what I see is ugly and definitely makes people uncomfortable, but it is part of a globalized economy and in many ways part of an informal safety net for millions of people from jobs, access to resources/capital and social welfare.  I try as best as possible to minimize the exposure of people with whom I interact.  They are obviously in professions, organizations and environments which if exposed present a danger to them, their families and their livelihoods.  For this illicit sector of people, places and activities, I’m only trying to humanize the participants and show my reader that in some shape or form, we all live life in the gray spaces.  For much of my subject matter, it’s hidden in plain sight for anyone to observe.  So, for these unlucky few, I won’t spare any one from exposure unless I interview people without official sanction or write about their personal collateral (families, etc.).  I’m a lone operator, but I’m not alone in the world because of the help of many people who want their stories told and who want to be recognized as part of the human race. The obvious ones are triads, prostitutes, smugglers, terrorists, free masons, corrupt officials, militia men, hospital workers, street cleaners and night club owners.  There’s a secret world out there that you don’t know about and it’s what I’m looking for and writing about the world over.  My bit is primarily in Asia, since it’s the place that appreciates me the best.  Sit down, connect with a thug, a hooker or an invisible hotel worker and you’ll find the raw humanity that’s keeping the surface world running on time.

Surrender Kumar

11 March 2012


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