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God, Let’s Hope This Is Not Fake!

By that, I mean, let’s hope that the Shenzhou 9 mission and China’s space program is not fake. When I say fake, I mean fake like the urban legend about the 100 year old bloke who believed that the lunar landing in 1969 was filmed in the Arizona desert. Or better yet, fake like the experience of Victor Pelevin’s amazing novel Omon Ra.

Most importantly is the realization that there is another country attempting to compete with a space program out there in the world. Does this mean anything for the United States? Probably, but it may be more mystical (like Pelevin’s novel) than political.  Like the boxer from Sarangani Province, Filipino Manny Pacquiao, we need a real competitor to put up a champion performance.

And like Pacquiao’s last fight, the match may be rigged against us, but that should make us fight a little harder. Hopefully, China isn’t like Floyd Mayweather, full of trash talking and no gusto for a real contest.

So, let’s train hard. Keep out of the gambling halls. Show up for mass.  Wait a minute, I think I was giving advice to the Pacman. The US has to focus real hard on something that isn’t as ephemeral like summits or vague like counter-insurgency. This might actually require us to think strategically long past the budgets and the partisan silliness of the day. Gird yourselves, throw back some Hammer gel, loosen up and let’s get in the ring and take a few swings without the focus mitts. Ok, enough boxing analogies. I need to get back to the Lab.


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