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Noli me tangere

In a column in today’s The Diplomat, Filipino Congressman Mong Palantino gives voice to Filipino emotions about China’s bullying in the South China Seas. A lot of attention has been paid recently to US and regional responses to China’s moves. Bonnie Glaser does pretty good job of outlining warning indicators in her report over at the Council on Foreign Relations. The Center for a New American Century has a new Flash Points Bulletin covering economic and security challenges in the East and South China Seas, which was preceded by a comprehensive report at the beginning of the year.

The proximity to Central Luzon might be the biggest point of concern for most Filipinos. Other tangential issues include the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) modernization and the persistent issues of local politics and peacefully resolving the Mindanao insurgency.

For a comprehensive read on the Philippines, check out Luis Francia’s book. And for a reflection of the general consensus on China before they were up in our face, check out this old CRS report about China’s “soft power” in Southeast Asia.


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